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From this

From this Civilizations, not to stigshy so high level of development, too left sv detelstvo of the material culture, though not such the thin.

From this it follows that development of a thin motility goes together with spiritual development.

Certainly, than utonchenny figure the nost, is required to those care and attention from outside more intelligence for the management of it.

In the Middle Ages in Europe was period of great awakening of reason, both book, and manuscript, the reflecting new ideas, were richly illustrated.

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I think, it occurs

I think, it occurs For it it is the center, a result today, the bridge of transition to the future.

I think, it occurs because the kiss is that shows and returns integrity.

Therefore we kiss the child on a wound place that healed, again became whole … THE VERY MANY THINK THAT THEY ARE ABLE TO FLY Very many swallows, swans very many … But not really many think that together with strange fantastic horses children very many are able to fly … There is a remarkable old game, I consider it as the wisest and I call a tyepolovsky look tossing of the kid and his catching over the person or at the heart.

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But such

But such But to you will insistently suggest to esteem, draw, look at an animated cartoon, to make charging.

To you will not allow to remain to one with toys in the room, will not let out even to the yard.

We, of course, exaggerated.

But such situation will be unacceptable for you even if it will appear less sad.

And for the child?

Here the child approaches you with a request: Esteem!


Get together with it on a sofa, open the book so that it was possible to consider pictures.

Read, then discuss the fairy tale, for certain, to the child something will be unclear, something especially will be pleasant, and something will frighten.

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Everyone But all this comes not simply as a result of maturing bodies of the movement.

It always question of practical experience, in other words training.

Everyone forms the skills independently, though an initial physical structure at all equally.

The person selfimproves.

Let's return to children.

It is important to us to distinguish some storo ny child's nature.

We have to realize first of all that, though children and nach ache to move, when their physical body in a sufficient sta penalty fee it is for this purpose prepared and though it occurs in force achievements of a necessary maturity by them, nevertheless sosto the yaniye of their mentality does not depend on it.

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Let words

Let words He unmistakably sang through, rhythmically accompanying on lamellar hand bells, names of days of week, months, seasons, flowers.

Also he sang short phrases, figuratively using the own dictionary.

Let words were also not always clear, but he made and sang such offers, as January crude, July vacation, December Christmas etc.

Having applied the same technique to numbers, I found out that the boy cannot remember, how many sounds he just heard.

He associated shout or whisper with loud and low sounds and with the movement generating the corresponding result.

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Occupations Cooperation of two schools, the Center and school at the clinic which is nowadays liquidated very helped us, and we, in turn, tried to violate the schedule of the child not strongly.

Occupations took place in the mornings, at the beginning of school day, during a lunch break and after school.

Till this time I had no experience of double relationship: one between me, mother and the child, others between me and the psychologistresearcher which was always present on occupation as the video operator.

Having for the first time come home to the child, and I, and Mrs.

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. Children

. Children The camomile blossoms.


Flowers blossom.

The girl draws.

The boy draws.


Children draw.

The lark flies.

The eagle flies.


Birds fly.

Bilberry grows.

Raspberry grows.


Berries grow.

The dog eats.

The cat eats.


Animals eat.

For children of year Finish speaking for me.

Read to the kid verses, rhymings, the kid will gradually remember them and to finish speaking the phrase.

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  • The place is allocated for each group, but it is not isolated it is possible to make informative walk always!Threeyears the ny child can look as nineyearold is engaged mathematics by means of beads takes square to ren.He can ask it that it does.If this answer will give nothing to it, it will return to the room where there are things more interestingly.But sixyearold can already understand a little from that does nineyearold, and can remain to look, being trained in something thus.
  • The old woman hardly went, Valais grudged for her, after all she was the kind girl, and Valya helped the grandmother to pass to the other side of the street.The grandmother goryakcho thanked the girl and gave it a candy with words: Here to you, child, magic candy.Make a wish, eat it, and it will right there be executed.Valya took candy and joyful went home.What to me such to think?she thought on the road.Here!Thought up!Valya exclaimed.
  • He or she does again so that to provoke you or someone else to take away all control in the hands; compels you to quarrel or punish, to approve or not to approve, ask questions, to look after, say that to do and what not to do.As soon as you react thus, the child again it appears behind a door of cage; it thus, possibly, is unhappy, but at least in safety.However and it lasts not for long, until then so far the idea about need to dispose of own life does not emerge in his consciousness again.
  • If you are in an equilibrium state if your energy is not spent for empty regrets, experiences, odyorgivaniye and lectures if in soul at you harmony and an order well at least the relative what to demand from modern parents of the impossible?you correctly oriented YOURSELF.And then you will notice dangerous symptoms and signs of trouble at the child in time and in time support him both morally, and physically.And never you will want to interfere without need, confusing the child, and yourself from feet for fatigue and tension.
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