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Order of interposition

Order of interposition The block is installed on a workplace, the teacher is to the right of the child.

Order of interposition of the teacher and the pupil it is important.

So the child can watch action of the teacher at taking out and insertion of cylinders.

The teacher takes the cylinder from the block and puts it on a table in front of the block.

Thus it clearly shows how it is necessary to capture the button three fingers of the right hand fingers with which write.

Then it pulls out all cylinders and puts them in a disorder on a table.

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With it everything

With it everything Decisions which I make for myself, cost nothing.

I cannot care of myself.

We would like that you carefully analysed a way of yours thinking also changed in the positive direction everyone their these belief.

For example: Parent My child is responsible for that does.

In any situation he will make as it will be better for him.

She can make decisions.

With it everything is all right.

I can entrust it care of myself.

I do not know that he will make next time, and after all it is so interesting.

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The family

The family It is possible to complain and suffer because of the wrong behavior the or the child.

And it is possible to change that you are able to make and change.

The child finds a support in a family.

The family is a stronghold, fortress, the reliable back and smooth water where it is possible to recover, both to recover the breath, and to lick the wounds.

And if the young person knows that here here!

he will be supported and understood, will give a scolding and will forgive, and will judge not it, and that silly act which he made, both protected, and will help to understand where to one nevmoch that's when an environment, both stresses, and overloads will not set the fatal seal to the child.

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But the tradition

But the tradition But the most serious restrictions are accepted in area pi Tania.

Millions of Indians who died from go recently lot, lived in the country, as any another rich with the small and cattle.

But the tradition was so deep not to kill animals for food that this habit appeared stronger than death.

Moral standards appear a superstructure obshchestven ache the life fixing them in a certain form.

And not it is worth forgetting that these forms also owe ustanavl to vatsya on the basis of a consensus, within which their influence can extend.

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To put it briefly, be convinced

To put it briefly, be convinced Work a problem of negative installation of the child in communication by such in a way.

First of all check, whether you provoke negative installation that dispose or slight your child or look at it, emphasizing the rejection, a rasserzhennost, disagreement.

To put it briefly, be convinced that your installation is an installation friendly politeness.

If installation of the child forces you to feel fear, as it sometimes happens when it is aggressive and hostile, decide that follows to undertake if the bad is followed by the worst and you, for example, really will strike; having made this decision, try to relax with feeling of that you know now, will act how exactly, and therefore to you already any more not it is necessary to puzzle over all this.

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Purpose: development

Purpose: development Application: to tie a bow on the clothes or on clothes of other child.

Help in independence acquisition.

Metal cleaning Material: laying on a tray, liquid means for cleaning of metal in a bottle, a box with balls of cotton wool or slices emery paper, on a cup for dirty cotton wool and a small amount of a cleaner, a rag for polishing, not too small brass subject without jewelry.

Purpose: development of coordination of movements.

Cleaning of subjects from metal.

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It the Forgotten

It the Forgotten Alas, it not the only case when the child is forgotten.

It the Forgotten Citizen living in the world where is much in total for all and anything for it.

He aimlessly wanders in it the empty world, constantly getting to trouble, breaking the toys, vainly looking for satisfactions for the spirit, adults so far cannot understand, what his real requirements.

We cleaned this barrier the schools and broke off a veil, the hiding truth, real things in the real gave to the child world, and we expected to see children's pleasure and pleasure from uses of them.

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