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Full of with

Full of with If you wish, it can be presented in the form of a certain image a uvula of a flame, a jewel or the undercover lake, quiet, with smooth, without the slightest ripple a surface.

Full of with the deep tranquility and pleasure, tranquillity and by force, it is in the full safety.

It there it is deep in you.

Present now that this flame, this jewel or this lake which is deeply in the center, in the kernel you, you.

Present that this undercover center always stays in you, remaining same quiet and silent, through what difficulties, problems and you had to pass concerns.

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We already

We already But mothers and fathers always need to remember: positive results can achieve, without looking at any complications.

We already spoke about such problems as a delay of speech development, absence of the speech as that and an underdevelopment of the speech.

Impossibility to communicate or inferiority of communication negatively influence formation of the identity of the little person, change his relation to world around and to themselves.

The speech the servant of activity.

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He understood

He understood The yard was empty.

Anybody did not welcome it.

The dog got into the box, the cat climbed on a roof.

It went to a grove.

The sun hid for a cloudlet.

Birches did not rustle with leaflets.

The woodpecker, a cuckoo and other birds departed.

Nobody sang in the wood.

Kolya felt such lonely.

And he wanted that everything was as earlier.

He understood that all on this zemkla his friends, and friends it is impossible to offend.

Since then he never offended anybody and did not fight.

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As at early

As at early This is the remarkable, active, vigorous, strongwilled person, Zhenya spends with him all free time, discusses everything on light.

The young man admits that no friends are necessary to him, except the grandfather.

As at early age Zhenya was ill much, houses preserved it against everything, the question of kindergarten never was even brought up, and in school and from school of the boy still see off the grandfather or mother.

The inability and unwillingness of the boy to communicate with contemporaries, lack of experience of interaction with companions, features of uzkosemeyny education erected before Zhenya the real barrier for fears, uncertainty, uneasiness.

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Individual Didactic materials serve first of all to promote spiritual formation of the child through I correspond to age development of its motility and sensorika.

The child acts independently, his internal forces are released that gradually step by step it could become independent of adults.

Individual and social development form unity of contrasts.

Only it gives the chance autonomous and the independent personality to realize difficult behavior society.

For the child of Montessorimaterialy there is a key to the world thanks to which it orders and learns to realize the chaotic and raw impressions about the world.

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She cannot

She cannot It is a socalled phenomenon a kick to a cat, expressed in behavior of the business woman who came back home from work after the rating received from the chief.

She cannot kick the chief as it will be immediately dismissed and therefore breaks rage on the next, animated being on an unfortunate cat.

Grief, dejectedness almost constant satellite of divorce.

This state is natural at such trouble, and to children as well as adults, it is necessary to pass this painful stage connected with split of a family.

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Her father

Her father She was offended and offended everything she all wanted only good.

Her father who reached in the despotism excessively was worse than others: in forty five years having remained the widower, he conceived to marry again!

And when the daughter resolutely opposed it, brought the woman into the house and, without undersigning, lived with it nearly twenty years, to the most death.

This behavior it compelled the daughter on hasty, on courtship, marriage: left, if only from the house to leave, for unloved, for peasant.

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  • The place is allocated for each group, but it is not isolated it is possible to make informative walk always!Threeyears the ny child can look as nineyearold is engaged mathematics by means of beads takes square to ren.He can ask it that it does.If this answer will give nothing to it, it will return to the room where there are things more interestingly.But sixyearold can already understand a little from that does nineyearold, and can remain to look, being trained in something thus.
  • The old woman hardly went, Valais grudged for her, after all she was the kind girl, and Valya helped the grandmother to pass to the other side of the street.The grandmother goryakcho thanked the girl and gave it a candy with words: Here to you, child, magic candy.Make a wish, eat it, and it will right there be executed.Valya took candy and joyful went home.What to me such to think?she thought on the road.Here!Thought up!Valya exclaimed.
  • He or she does again so that to provoke you or someone else to take away all control in the hands; compels you to quarrel or punish, to approve or not to approve, ask questions, to look after, say that to do and what not to do.As soon as you react thus, the child again it appears behind a door of cage; it thus, possibly, is unhappy, but at least in safety.However and it lasts not for long, until then so far the idea about need to dispose of own life does not emerge in his consciousness again.
  • If you are in an equilibrium state if your energy is not spent for empty regrets, experiences, odyorgivaniye and lectures if in soul at you harmony and an order well at least the relative what to demand from modern parents of the impossible?you correctly oriented YOURSELF.And then you will notice dangerous symptoms and signs of trouble at the child in time and in time support him both morally, and physically.And never you will want to interfere without need, confusing the child, and yourself from feet for fatigue and tension.
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