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Here for the first

Here for the first Thomas Gordon Training of efficiency of the parent.

Here for the first time we felt real help.

This course laid the foundation to our formation as also allowed to see equal members of own family in children interesting, reasonable and responsible people.

We studied psychology of family life and the psychotherapy at university, was received by scientific degrees on psychology.

We started working as professional consultants for families teenagers and their parents, appeared in crisis situations.

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Mother tells

Mother tells The boy who is very developed, umnenkiya, the speech at him developed, competent.

Gosha is able to read and consider, knows a lot of interesting, with pleasure performs various tasks which I offer it on occupations.

Well knows about the stutter and worries, but generally because stutter afflicts mother.

Mother tells that Gosh often should leave at home one when he is on the mend after an illness as it cannot long be on the sicklist.

She found out that Gosha, having stayed at home alone, often gets into a big box and sits in the shelter.

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Great, great, squirrels

Great, great, squirrels Yes, the wolf agrees.

This is the greatest Hare.

He too won against me, and now I have to bring every day for lunch to it carrots!

Precisely, it is the Hare, greatest in the world!

the bear roars.

It so beat me yesterday that now I have to bring every evening to it for dinner honey!

Otherwise he in general from the wood will expel me!

Watch all there is a great and mighty Hare!

sorok chirred.

Great, great, squirrels assented.

VeliKVAlepny, veliKVAlepny, lyakgushka croaked.

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And when

And when You now under my protection!

Also there were Olya and Murka the best friends.

Olya ironed Murka on the head, scratched behind an ear, gave to drink tasty milk.

And when Murka wanted to play, bound a piece of paper on a thread and ran away, and Murka with pleasure pursued it.

The management for the beginning fairies Mother: Well, what at you new?

Adult daughter: Here bought a hat, black, velvet.

Mother: And, it is such, what else in the past goduiz fashions left?

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To communicate

To communicate How many still zlyuchkiny it is necessary to draw, crumple and throw out!

But, as Chinese speak, the way to one thousand miles begins with the first step.

To communicate with the child at all does not mean constantly to surround him with close attention and to control each step, giving an assessment to all actions.

Imagine that you for a minute are not left alone, checked that you do, whether want to eat, whether froze as feel.

Imagine that you are not given anything to do: to clean up a cup suddenly will break, neither to wash up independently hands will have a shower bath, nor to get the book from the shelf drop.

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Perhaps, we will

Perhaps, we will Duties of the editor of the cool newspaper seemed to it the good beginning.

After Selli's lessons told Annie: We should gather to choose articles for our newspaper.

Well Annie answered.

She simply could not wait for this moment.

Perhaps, we will go to you home?

offered Selli.

The smile disappeared at once from Annie's face.


scaredly and confusedly she told.

To me it is impossible.


Selli was surprised.

I still never was at you the house.

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After all on it there

After all on it there Having limped almost to turn, the duck suddenly stopped and turned back.

And you it is not cold, a crumb?

she shouted by the strange voice reminding a sound of an automobile horn.

Annie nodded as she really was cold.

After all on it there was only a sleeping pajamas.

A little bit far away, on the road there is a plashchik the duck shouted it.

It was left there in the morning by the little girl.

I think, it will not be against if you use it.

After that the duck was behind turn, accompanied by five fluffy zheltenky balls.

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  • The place is allocated for each group, but it is not isolated it is possible to make informative walk always!Threeyears the ny child can look as nineyearold is engaged mathematics by means of beads takes square to ren.He can ask it that it does.If this answer will give nothing to it, it will return to the room where there are things more interestingly.But sixyearold can already understand a little from that does nineyearold, and can remain to look, being trained in something thus.
  • The old woman hardly went, Valais grudged for her, after all she was the kind girl, and Valya helped the grandmother to pass to the other side of the street.The grandmother goryakcho thanked the girl and gave it a candy with words: Here to you, child, magic candy.Make a wish, eat it, and it will right there be executed.Valya took candy and joyful went home.What to me such to think?she thought on the road.Here!Thought up!Valya exclaimed.
  • He or she does again so that to provoke you or someone else to take away all control in the hands; compels you to quarrel or punish, to approve or not to approve, ask questions, to look after, say that to do and what not to do.As soon as you react thus, the child again it appears behind a door of cage; it thus, possibly, is unhappy, but at least in safety.However and it lasts not for long, until then so far the idea about need to dispose of own life does not emerge in his consciousness again.
  • If you are in an equilibrium state if your energy is not spent for empty regrets, experiences, odyorgivaniye and lectures if in soul at you harmony and an order well at least the relative what to demand from modern parents of the impossible?you correctly oriented YOURSELF.And then you will notice dangerous symptoms and signs of trouble at the child in time and in time support him both morally, and physically.And never you will want to interfere without need, confusing the child, and yourself from feet for fatigue and tension.
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