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Petya, all wet and dirty, wanted

Petya, all wet and dirty, wanted But he was not able to drukzhit at all, and was only able to fight.

He thought that only a fight and roughness it is possible to prove something to someone or to draw to itself attention.

Children were afraid of it, and it almost had no friends.

Once Petya saw on the road a big pool with razknotsvetny dirty spots.

It approached closer better to consider it.

And suddenly the car passing by sprinkled it water from feet to the head.

Petya, all wet and dirty, wanted was to run the dokmy.

But here noticed that is in a transparent big soap bubble.

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Instead Thus, sixyearold children can to receive ideas from the senior class.

Instead of walls at us stand dividing partitions height on a belt, and it is always possible it is easy to get from one class to another.

To children not a zapreshcha etsyatsya to pass from one room into another.

If threeyears the ny child will go to the room to sevenyearold, eightyearold and nineyearold, he long there will not be late, because soon will see that there is nothing useful to it.

Divider ny borders are, but there is no division between children, and all groups can be reported among themselves.

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She also

She also She solved now to care of itself, as to reduce the uneasiness concerning consequences of sexual life of Natali, it provided the daughter necessary means for prevention of pregnancy.

She also solved to imagine that it has a domestic bear cub, which, naturally, scatters all things, and with it there's nothing to be done.

Care of mother of itself it was shown that in the wall case which was in the end here hall, it put a big cardboard box and, when at the end of the worker day came home, dumped there all clothes that found in a hall.

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And the life

And the life It is important.

CONCLUSION This book is written to the help to parents, tutors and children not in order that you precisely followed it.

It is our chance to think, discuss it with each other and with the children.

And it is safer to make life of our children, so, more happily.

And the life is surer and quieter, that is too is happier.

After all actually safety consists of several components: Parental vigilance, that is ability in time to notice danger and to prevent it.

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Look on your

Look on your DO NOT DO IT.

Very much can be, you will break a little time perhaps, many times until completely overcome a habit to control your child.

Come back to a starting point so many time, how many it will be required to overcome habitual reaction.

Look on your negative attention to the child as on dangerous drug and refuse offering it to the child further.

Instead follows: To keep friendly and valid tone in the relations with the child.

As earlier you were the supplier of negative attention, now it is important to offer in exchange something another.

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Steps which

Steps which Manifestation of parental love by means of: granting a sample for imitation and encouragement of ability to acceptance decisions.

Steps which should be undertaken for the movement in this direction In the previous chapter we asked you to do that the professional psychotherapists call control transfer.

We too well know: it is much more difficult to understand and do such transfer to you, than us to write about it.

Already discussing inclusion of a number of points in the list of events of life the child, you could meet considerable difficulties.

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  • The place is allocated for each group, but it is not isolated it is possible to make informative walk always!Threeyears the ny child can look as nineyearold is engaged mathematics by means of beads takes square to ren.He can ask it that it does.If this answer will give nothing to it, it will return to the room where there are things more interestingly.But sixyearold can already understand a little from that does nineyearold, and can remain to look, being trained in something thus.
  • The old woman hardly went, Valais grudged for her, after all she was the kind girl, and Valya helped the grandmother to pass to the other side of the street.The grandmother goryakcho thanked the girl and gave it a candy with words: Here to you, child, magic candy.Make a wish, eat it, and it will right there be executed.Valya took candy and joyful went home.What to me such to think?she thought on the road.Here!Thought up!Valya exclaimed.
  • He or she does again so that to provoke you or someone else to take away all control in the hands; compels you to quarrel or punish, to approve or not to approve, ask questions, to look after, say that to do and what not to do.As soon as you react thus, the child again it appears behind a door of cage; it thus, possibly, is unhappy, but at least in safety.However and it lasts not for long, until then so far the idea about need to dispose of own life does not emerge in his consciousness again.
  • If you are in an equilibrium state if your energy is not spent for empty regrets, experiences, odyorgivaniye and lectures if in soul at you harmony and an order well at least the relative what to demand from modern parents of the impossible?you correctly oriented YOURSELF.And then you will notice dangerous symptoms and signs of trouble at the child in time and in time support him both morally, and physically.And never you will want to interfere without need, confusing the child, and yourself from feet for fatigue and tension.
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