Actually, an occasion

Actually, an occasion Actually, an occasion already in a failure; the father the girl literally locked houses, she spends all evenings in the room, to phone her do not call up.

The father and the daughter practically do not talk, the last attempt ended talking once again a manhandling.

It is not necessary to think, as if the girl absolutely inveterate; she perfectly studies the only three for the tenth class in chemistry, and her father already repeatedly remembered, studies languages, everything is in time, everything at her turns out.

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The same

The same Actually prois continuous internal growth, which suddenly goes about is in a series of the opening conducting to fast change.

It is followed by one more period quiet and slow developments, the preceding next strong explosion.

The same in the childhood happens to human language.

There is no quiet and slow progress, when at first there is one word, then another, but here we too we meet an explosion phenomenon as it is called by psychologists, to the tory is not provoked by actions learn at all tel, and occurs in itself without everyone on that visible reasons.

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You know

You know Correctly mother told.

Arrive as you just made: wait a little, consider everything, scroll everything in the head that you could make, and imagine that would be if you made it, and then choose the best option.

You know how it is necessary to pronounce this situation to help itself to keep calm and to make a right choice.

You know that?

told Annie.

It is very healthy when you let the brains time think.

It knocked on the head.

You were right she added.

I think that with my head really everything is all right.

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The requirement

The requirement We told it only, that our room for it is closed.

The requirement that it was carried everywhere, did not renew never any more.

One morning Andy politely asked the father to take it in the evening on soccer, and Mr.


felt that agrees to make it.

Desire to leave the house.

In this regard Andy was still independent.

If mother objected concerning its leaving, it could tell the approximately following: I want to leave and if I get to trouble, itself I will be guilty in it, then it left.

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